Medikyu Single

Medikyu Single

The world's most advanced smart pill dispenser is also incredibly compact, so you can get out into the world without missing a beat — or a dose. Our convenient on-the-go bottles are available in two sleek twist-off options including our transparent amber vial and discrete white classic bottle.

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Visual and Audible Alerts

Remembering to take your dose has never been easier. Medikyu gives you the reminders you need, when you need them.


A blue light and audio
alert will remind you that
it's time to take your medicine.


Privacy Mode

The privacy mode feature allows the app to continue to send silent notifications while muting all audio alerts on the device.

Privacy Mode


Custom Notifications



Share with Family and Friends


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App User-Friendly Features

Our seamless interface and services create access to manage your schedule and goals, share with family and friends, and stay organized.

Always Within Reach

Medikyu allows you to monitor those you love even from afar with online tools and mobile notifications.


Stay On Schedule

Whether it's you or someone you love, Medikyu serves as a reminder to keep the user on schedule, and sends alerts whenever a dose is missed.

Simplify Your Life

Choose from a full lineup of support services such as usage reports, mobile notifications, 24/7 telemedicine services, and more, designed to simplify your medication process.